55-Year Reunion Pictures 

Pictures taken at The 55th REUNION held on Friday, August 6, 2010 at the beautiful Windsor Park Conference Center.

Sharon organized the photography moments by MHS feeder schools.  It was a beautiful evening and we could enjoy the Windsor Park outside facilities over looking the beautiful landscape and ponds.  Sharon called classmates by schools to go outside to have their "informal" class pictures taken.   As classmates came outside, we tried to get them organized for a group picture.  I was using two (2) cameras and Sharon was also taking pictures.  Made for some humorous results.  When you get into the gallery, you'll see multiple pictures for most feeder schools ... look at each one because I found that each picture presented its own good results ... some looking one way in one but in different direction on other, etc.  I had fun just reviewing the pictures.   With the cooler evening temperatures, people just stayed outside and enjoyed the surroundings.  I got additional pictures outside of tables that are quite nice.  Oh there were people in the pictures but usually looking the other way.  But for those not attending - they can get an appreciation for what a great location we enjoyed.   

It was difficult to go back inside but when I did - it seems some had already left - as I missed a lot of classmates - and didn't get pictures of everyone who attended.  I apologize to those classmates who are not represented in the gallery.  Time seemed to fly.  You will see lots of empty seats as many were socializing among other tables which was the plan.  We had lots of space between tables which allowed us to "spread out" as it were --- I mean move around easily --- what did you think I meant?  

NOW - some gallery tips.  When you get into the Gallery, you can turn pages just like a book, click the mouse on the lower left/right corner to turn page or use the Arrow pointers on bottom below the book.  

But the real fun is to click on a picture and that picture will open into its own page.  See the example screen below with the mark-ups to identify the navigation icons:

Observe the navigation controls on the picture above ... click on "Full Screen Mode" icon to expand picture,  use Zoom In to make picture expand to desired level of detail.   If you expand beyond the window size, you can drag the picture to fill the  window by dragging the picture -- left click and hold inside the picture and drag with mouse. 

Should you want to go to specific pictures, click on the "Picture Index" icon shown above.  Then you can select a picture of interest from the index.  

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Have fun and enjoy!  The gallery can be viewed at 55th Reunion Pictures .     

Comments by: Dale Bauer

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55th Reunion Pictures


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